Top 7 Best Impala Skates In 2023

Are you looking for the best Impala skates to take your rollerskating experience to the next level? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Our experts have reviewed all the best skates you must have in 2021.

Here is everything you need to know about them.

Top 7 Best Impala Skates In 2021

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Best Impala Skates

1. PETA-approved vegan product

2. Cynthia Rowley floral design

3. Aluminum alloy trucks

Best Impala Skates

1. Holographic design

2. PVC upper, heel, and sole

3. Aluminum alloy base plate

Best Impala Skates

1. PU brake stopper

2. Metal speed lace eyelets

3. Vinyl look

Best Impala Skates

1. Inline wheel type

2. Optional heel brake

3. Wheels can be adjustable to swing alignment

Best Impala Skates

1. ABEC 7 Bearings

2. Nylon core urethane wheels

3. PVC sole

1. Wavy check design

2. Aluminum build

3. Nylon wheels

1. PU brake stopper

2. Metal speed lace eyelets

3. Vinyl look

Best Impala Skates

1. Leopard design

2. PVC heel and upper

3. Sturdy build

Buying Guide: Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Impala Skates

Before you choose the best Impala skates, it is crucial to consider several factors. These factors will help you determine the best roller skates for your budget and preferences. Once you do, your roller skates will last a long time to come.

Here are the top factors to consider before investing in Impala skates:

1. Durability

If an Impala skate is not durable, it is not worth your money. That is because durability represents your money’s worth. The best way to understand the durability of the Impala skate is to check the materials.

However, that doesn't mean you simply check the fabric of the skates outside. You must also check the material of wheels, fabric inside, and much more. All of these materials will help you understand if your skates will quickly go through wear and tear.

Of course, the best materials for your rollerskates will depend on your preferences and the comfort you require. Once you choose the best materials for your skates, they will last a long time to come.

2. Comfort

Your experience of rollerskating will only be as good as the comfort that the rollerskates will offer you. If you feel discomfort, you will think that the skates are a waste of money. The best way to check comfort is to understand the materials and the support the rollerskates offer.

For example, many rollerskaters feel that skates are uncomfortable for the ankles. To curb this problem, you will find that the best Impala skates offer extra ankle padding and support to customers. The padding allows the skaters to skate for as long as they like without any discomfort.

It is also crucial to check the boot and the fabric inside. The fabric must be breathable and comfortable for you to put your feet in for extended periods. If there are any extra features for added comfort, check those out too.

3. Price

While price indicates quality, it does not necessarily mean that the most expensive skates are the best Impala skates. Many Impala skates in an affordable pricing range will offer you a fantastic experience. You will have to go through each skate thoroughly and choose the one that suits your budget and preferences.

You must remember that Impala skates are on the affordable side, and you will not find them too expensive. That is because the brand is proud of offering the best rollerskates at cost-effective prices. So, no matter what skates you choose, you will get a high-quality experience without breaking the bank.

4. Your Skill Level

The best rollerskates for you must always suit your skill level. After all, you will find amateur skates unworthy of your money if you are an advanced skater. That is why you must understand your skill level before purchasing the best Impala skates.

If you are an advanced skater, you will need sophisticated rollerskates that will allow you to make incredible turns, jumps, and spins. Once you do, you will notice that your experience is smooth and stable.

5. Type Of Skating

Besides the skill level, everyone is interested in distinct skating types. That will also affect the best Impala skates for your needs because various skating types require multiple levels of maneuvering and flexibility. One way to determine the type is to know whether you prefer indoor skating or outdoor skating.

In the same way, you can make a list of your preferences when it comes to skating. Once you do, you can quickly choose the best Impala skates that will suit all your preferences. Because of this, you can take your skating to the next level in no time.

Best Impala Skates In 2021 (Reviews)

Here are the best Impala skates you will need in 2021:

1. Impala x Cynthia Rowley – Best Overall

Best Impala Skates

If you want a fun floral design for your rollerskates, it doesn't get better
than the Impala and Cynthia Rowley collaboration. You and your girlfriends
can invest in these and roam the streets, flaunting your skates. The
rollerskates are highly sturdy as they have aluminum alloy base plates and

The skates will offer you a snug fit and ensure you have the stability you
need to skate around quickly. If you are a beginner at skating, you might do
well with these rollerskates. That is because they will help you get used to
movements as you begin your rollerskating journey.


  • It comes in a fun floral design
  • It will last a long time
  • Best for beginner roller skaters
  • Comfortable experience
  • Great value for money


  • It might quickly wear and tear
Best Impala Skates

Are you looking for the best safety features and experience when it comes to your roller skates? If you are, then it doesn’t get better than these holographic rollerskates by Impala. The best part about these skates is the braking system of a PU stopper.

The stopper has a quick response time and is easy to use. The base also offers a low yet wide design that will allow you to stay more stable while rollerskating. So, if you want high safety, these are the best Impala skates you can invest in.


  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Offers high stability
  • The PU stopper ensures your safety while skating
  • Laces are easy to put in place
  • The wheels provide a smooth motion


  • It might not be suitable for skating on bowls or ramps

3. Best Impala Skates: Impala Rollerskates Midnight

Best Impala Skates

The top factor you must take into account when choosing the best Impala skates is high-quality build. That is because a poor build will ruin your experience, and you will not find rollerskating enjoyable. So, if you want a high-quality build, that is where the Impala rollerskates midnight come in.

The baseplates and trucks are created from a sturdy aluminum material that guarantees you a smooth experience. You can skate for a long time in these rollerskates without any issues. The material and construction will exceed your expectations once you start skating in these.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Lace eyelets for easy wearing and removal
  • The wheels are high-quality and can stand intense friction
  • Best brake stopper for your safety
  • Affordable


  • Ideal for women rollerskaters
Best Impala Skates

We know that the rollerskates from Impala are the best, but you can't miss these excellent inline skates that will enhance your skating experience. Everyone should own a pair of these best Impala skates along with their rollerskates. The urethane materials ensure that you get the best bearings so you can skate smoothly.

Besides that, the soles and heel absorb all the impact so that your feet don’t feel any pressure while skating. The cushion is also like no other, as you will feel comfortable no matter how long you skate for. Finally, the laces and buckles will ensure that you can wear and remove your skates in seconds.


  • The soles absorb all the shock
  • Comfortable padding to ensure your feet feel well
  • Visually appealing rollerskates
  • High-quality construction
  • Must-have for all women skaters


  • You have to steer carefully as they can easily go in the wrong direction

5. Best Impala Skates: Impala Rollerskates Marawa Rose Gold

Best Impala Skates

The Impala Marawa Rose Gold rollerskates are every girl’s dream because they are shiny, stunning, and offer a fantastic skating experience. The best part about these skates is the baseplate that will provide you with agility like no other. So, if you like doing a lot of tricks with your rollerskates, these are the best Impala skates for you.

Even with so many tricks, your rollerskates will not go through rough wear and tear quickly. That is because the durability of these skates is like no other, as everything is made from sturdy materials. If you love doing tricks, you can invest in these rollerskates, and you will never look back.


  • High agility to ensure you can perform all tricks
  • Highly durable because of aluminum and nylon materials
  • It offers a stylish and aesthetic appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control and maneuver


  • There is room for improvement in the baseplate quality

If you are looking for the best Impala skates for outdoor skating, then the Sidewalk Skates are a perfect choice. The check design is incredibly stylish and will look bright as you skate outdoors. Besides that, the sealed bearings will allow you to maneuver and control your movements as you skate easily.

The safety features are also excellent as the skates come with a PU brake stopper. The feature is crucial, especially when skating outdoors, so any rapid movement can be easily controlled. So, you can safely skate on the streets without worrying about anything.


  • Unique print and design
  • It comes with seven bearings
  • PU brake stopper ensures safety
  • The nylon core guarantees durability
  • Perfect for outdoor skating


  • The construction has room for improvement

Finally, who doesn’t like to have a pair of leopard print roller skates? If you also love this print, then these will be the best Impala skates for your needs. The stylish design and the high-quality build will offer you an experience like no other.

The sole, heel, and upper of these skates ensure you have a safe experience while skating. The bearings will also help you control your movements as you turn or spin.


  • List Attractive print and design
  • Bearings offer stability
  • Smooth motion
  • High-quality build and construction
  • Affordable


  • The baseplate has room for improvement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs about the best impala skates:

Q. How long will the Impala skates last?

A: The Impala skates will last you four to five years, depending on your use. You have to maintain them for them to last you longer.

Q. Are Impala skates worth it?

A: Yes, Impala skates are worth it because they have always been consistent with their rollerskates. There are very few complaints, and their quality is like no other. That is why the skates will be worth your money.

Q. Do Impala skates come for people with side feet?

A: Yes, Impala offers wide-foot options in its rollerskates. If you have wide feet, you can opt for those to have a great and comfortable experience.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best Impala skates in 2021. Each of these rollerskates is comfortable, affordable, and will offer you the best quality. Our top choice is the Impala x Cynthia Rowley because they provide a fun design with all the best features.

If you want fun rollerskates with a stylish design and the best Impala features, it doesn't get better than the Cynthia Rowley collaboration. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in the skates today and enjoy an excellent rollerskating experience.

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